T-Mobile NL


At T-Mobile I joined a new UX team tasked to review the present online experience as well as handle any demands from all divisions within the company.

My role was to help out dedicated teams in projects of various sizes. I was involved in creating a styleguide – making changes to current flows and tools within the ‘My’ environment and updating the renewal and acquisition flow for visitors of the high-traffic website.

I attended usability sessions – made personas based on customer insights and translated them into customer journeys of users with various desires, intentions and capabilities.

Within the Agile Scrum methodology I worked in sprints and handled requests related to the B2C channel.

First the scope, goal and stakeholders were determined. Then, most often I examined the status-quo and made an initial proposal that I could discuss with the main stakeholder(s). To prevent noise or miscommunication, designs were only shared with developers when the feedback was processed in more final and detailed designs.

To optimise development I had to take the available code components and styling into account.





2016 – 2017

T-Mobile NL

Responsive web

  • Concepts
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Styleguide